Village of Pleasantville
Each year the Village of Pleasantville Mayor and Council work with state, federal and local sources for grant money.  Over the past few decades the village has been blessed to have over $1.5 million dollars of grant money awarded to them for many different projects.  From water lines, street improvements, water tower updates as well as a second new water tower, to ADA compliant ramps and restrooms, and new street signs mandated by the state.  Below are some of the recent grants the village has obtained, grants that have been awarded but projects are not completed, and grants that they are applying for.  

There is a lot of behind the scenes work for these grants and your mayor and council work hard to ensure the village is awarded as much grant money as possible. 


Market & Foster Street Improvements (2017)
Village secured 72% in an OPWC grant for the $105,000 project

Water Treatment Plant - Emergency Softener Replacement (2018)
Village secured 80% in an OPWC grant for the $64,000 project


Water Treatment Plant - New Well (2018-19)
Village secured 72% in an OPWC grant for the estimated $200,000 project

Main Street Sidewalk Improvements (2019-2020) Phase I
Village has secured $97,300 in a CDBG grant


Main Street Sidewalk Improvements (2019-2020)
Village is seeking $856,100 in ODOT grant (applied May 2018) Phase II
Village will seek $125,400 in OPWC funding (September 2018) Phase II

Park Improvements (2019)
Village is seeking up to $69,000 in ODNR Natureworks grant (June 2018)