Parks Department

Village of Pleasantville
The Village of Pleasantville has two parks and a pool for residents to enjoy.  All the updates to the parks recently haven been due to multiple grants the village council and mayor have obtained.  Our parks are maintained by village employees and volunteers.

225 Lincoln Avenue [map], has a season enclosed shelter house with restrooms, kitchen and eating area.  A full regulation size basketball court located on the property as well as a T-Ball Diamond and Soccer Field.   The park also includes multiple playground equipment and swings for residents to enjoy.

A two acre park located at North Main Street and Summit Street [map]. There are two baseball diamonds on the property, with bleachers.  Playground equipment and a day use shelter house. Otte Park is also the location of the Pleasantville Community Garden. 

To reserve the enclosed shelter house at Pleasantville Park
Contact the village office at 740-468-2237

The day use shelter at Otte Park is first come first serve and does not require a reservation.

Enclosed Shelter House, $75.00 (plus $25.00 cleaning deposit)
Open Air Shelter House, Free

Park Shelter Reservation Agreement
Pleasantville Park
225 Lincoln Avenue
Pleasantville, OH
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Otte Park
Summit St
Pleasantville, OH
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Pool Department
Village of Pleasantville
Pleasantville Pool is located at 302 West Columbus Street [map], behind the Pleasantville Elementary School.  The pool was built in the early 1990’s thanks to a donation from Ms. Freida Hampson, who wanted the village children to have something to enjoy.  Over the years it has been enjoyed by village residents and locals near to the village.  The village pool is supported by a village property tax, approved by village voters, as well as daily admission and concession proceeds. 

12:00pm to 7:00pm daily

Daily Admission $3.00 per person*
After 5pm:  $1.50 per person*
Pool Passes are available now call
740-468-2237 for more information.
*If you leave the pool for any reason you can be charged for re-admission.

Pool Rentals are available starting at 7:00pm each day, for 1, 2, or 3 hour periods. 
The cost is $75.00 per hour. 
You can make your reservation calling the village office at 740-468-2237.

Pool Rental Information
Pool Rental Reservation Agreement

Pleasantville Pool
302 West Columbus St.
Pleasantville, OH
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