The Village of Pleasantville Finance Department is made up by three council members; Judy Boyer, Chad West and Michelle Dumolt.  They meet monthly, one half hour before each council meeting to approve expenditures, review financial statements and review budgetary items.  

The Village of Pleasantville receives General Fund money from two primary sources income tax and property tax.  The village income tax generates around $104,000 per year and the general fund property tax generates around $38,000 per year.  Other types of revenue from Federal, State and other local sources generates around $62,000 per year.  For a yearly revenue of around $204,000 per year.  General Fund money is what pays for the day to day operations of the village to include maintenance, equipment, salaries, insurance, etc.   General Fund money can also be used toward other types of accounts when they do not receive enough revenue to cover their expenses, for example the Police Fund.  Annual expenditures for the General Funds are estimated around $156,000. 

Other property tax levies that the village receives money from are the Police Property Tax which generates about $19,000 per year, and the Park and Recreations Property Tax which generates about $18,000 per year.  The fund can only be used for specific reasons as stated in the language of tax levy.  For example, the Park and Recreation Property Tax can only be used to cover the costs to operate the Pleasantville Pool, Parks and Community Center. 

In 2013 the Village of Pleasantville implemented an income tax to help operate and cover basic services provided to residents.  In decades past, the village was able to run on Local Government Funds, provided by the state yearly.  At the one point, the village received $70,000 per year from this State Fund.   With changes to State law and funding requirements, this money has been slowly decreased over the years to only a few thousand dollars per year.  Pushing village leaders to place the income tax on residents to cover the loss of these state funds. 

The Village of Pleasantville contracts with Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA), to administer, collect and disburse income tax money.  For more information on our current tax ordinance, rules and regulations, and contact information click on the following link, to take you to the Village of Pleasantville Tax Page.
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