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The Village of Pleasantville owns and operates its own water distribution system.  The current annual revenue budget is $116,000 and the villages annual expense budget is $114,000.   The water treatment plant produces 70,000 gallons of water daily for village residents and is tested regularly based on Ohio EPA guidelines.  Village Council is always actively looking for grants and other funding sources to improve and update the water treatment plant and water distribution system. 

Water boil alerts are issued when there has been a decrease of proper water flow in the distribution system, typically due to water line breaks.  During these alerts residents are encouraged to boil any water that is used to drink, cook with, or for oral hygiene.  These are only precautionary, until the water can be tested to ensure there are no contaminates in the water supply.  Village residents are notified of boil alerts through local media outlets.


Waste and Recycling Services
Local Waste Services, Ltd.
1300 South Columbus Airport Road
Columbus, OH  43207
P: 740-756-7156
P: 614-409-9375

Sewer Services
Walnut Creek Sewer District
8125 Maple Street
P.O. Box 178
Thurston,Ohio 43157
P: 740-400-4455
F: 740-400-4441

Processing Plant
1700 Leitnaker Road
Baltimore, OH  43105
P: 740-862-6307

Natural Gas Services
Columbia Gas of Ohio
PO Box 2318
Columbus, OH  43216
Customer Service
P: 800-344-4077

Electric Services
American Electric Power
1 Riverside Plaza
Columbus, OH  43215
Customer Solutions Center
P: 800-277-2177

For any emergency situations, such as downed power lines or gas leaks call 911.
Village of Pleasantville
101 S. Main Street
Pleasantville, OH  43148
Phone 740-468-2237
Sam McCreery
Billing Clerk/Administrative Assistant